V 1.1 Updated 6/18/2020

KD9BWB Monday November 2, 2020
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Here is Net Control Station ( Call sign Phonetically ), calling the Thursday night Tech Net here on the FM38 repeater network. My name is (Name), and I am located in (City, State)
Please Standby
This net meets every Thursday at 9pm, on FM38, with the purpose of raising and discussing technical topics regarding Amateur Radio. Each net has a distinct topic, however all stations are invited to add technical questions of their own. This is a directed net with all transmissions being directed by Net Control. All licensed amateurs are invited to check in, and all checked in stations will be called in the first round. An opportunity for additional check-ins and rechecks will follow the first round.
Please Standby
(Callsign), Net Control returning.Tonight’s topic is:

I will now begin taking check-ins. Mobile and portable stations may ignore check-in order, and check-in at any time. Please check-in with your call sign in standard phonetics, your first name, and your location. Be advised that FM38 is a linked system, so do please allow a momentary pause after keying up, and before speaking.
I will now begin taking check-ins for call signs starting with A “Alpha '' to G ”Golf” immediately following the numeral in your call sign. A “Alpha” to G “Golf” come now please.

H “Hotel”- P “Papa” Q “Quebec”- Z “Zulu” A “Alpha”- Z “Zulu”