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IRLP Access to FM38

kc9eeq - 2013-01-15 16:59 - (42663 Reads)
Although FM38 is an IRLP connected system (#4606), our IRLP system is not publicly controllable for outbound connections and is passcode protected.

We are normally "nailed up" to the Indiana REF9200 channel 4. This full-time link is for the time being used to integrate the Alden, North Praire and Cambridge systems into our network.

If you wish to access FM38 via IRLP inbound, simply connect to #9204.

EchoLink on FM38

kc9eeq - 2013-01-15 12:49 - (48783 Reads)
We have had many requests for EchoLink access to FM38. Although we are listed in the EchoLink directory, access to FM38 via EchoLink is not enabled.

Since EchoLink is used primarily on a windows platform, occasional lock-ups can leave the transmitter keyed indefinitely. The only fix is to exit and re-load the Echolink program. When a solution to this problem is found, we may consider implementing a full-time repeater link.